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Mercer & Co is a specialist consultancy helping unlock and deliver complex projects in the regeneration, heritage and residential sectors.  We provide integrated regeneration, project management and property development services to public and private sector clients - often involving public funding and investment.

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Service | Value | Grant

Appraisals | £1.46bn | £129m

Monitor | £0.49bn | £68m

Funding Bids | £1.77bn | £95m grant

Viability | £1.28bn | £86m

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Funding Bids

Project Appraisal

Project Monitoring / Mentoring / Management

Development Appraisal

Viability Appraisal

Risk Analysis

Options Appraisal







Funding Bids



Funding Bids

We have secured over £100m of funding to unlock £1.77bn of capital development projects.  Bids have included awards from Homes England, National Lottery Heritage Fund, ERDF, JESSICA and from Local Economic Partnerships.   

Projects unlocked include £1.7bn / 10,000 residential dwellings, £0.74bn of commercial and mixed-use regeneration projects and £133m of heritage projects. 

Project Appraisal

Appraisal and Expert Advice services to assess and mitigate delivery and operational risks of development projects. Acting on behalf of funding bodies we have appraised projects costing £1.46bn and recommended public funding awards totalling £129m. Our clients include National Lottery Heritage Fund, ERDF, Local Authorities and Homes England.

Project Monitoring, Mentoring & Management

Risk is evident at all stages of a project, from inception and development, through to delivery and operational phases.  We act as the ‘eyes and ears’ for funders and fund recipients to help identify, report, manage and mitigate their risk profile and deliver successful development outcomes.

Development Appraisal & Options Appraisal

We use bespoke financial modelling tailored to suit each unique regeneration project.  Our Financial Viability Model allows multiple scenario testing, using multiple funding streams on a cashflowed or Discounted Cash Flow basis that provides simple to understand value for money indicators – including economic output calculation, profitability, Loan to Value (LTV), Internal Rate and Return (IRR) and return on capital employed.

Financial Viability Appraisal

Financial modelling to test the financial viability of projects including review of affordable housing, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) or Section 106 (S106) contributions to residential schemes for both Local Authorities and residential developers. 

Our models are of equal use to public or private sector investors – and tailored to each client, allowing clients to adapt for themselves where required.  They are dynamic and flexible and are the perfect tool for a workshop environment to allow rapid testing of options. 

Risk Appraisal

Management and mitigation of risk is an integral component of any development project.  We can host and facilitate stand-alone risk workshops, but encourage a whole-project approach - inception to operation.  We have developed our own Risk Modelling software to help identify and manage this process, which provides a simplistic Red/Amber/Green and Top 10 risk reporting format from a series of structured inputs which can be tailored for each projects needs.



Our goal to reach net zero

At Mercer&Co, we recognize the urgent need to address climate change and reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to taking meaningful action to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our current 2023 carbon footprint is only 1,842kg CO2. We aim to half this over the next 4 years on our journey to net zero. Being a work from home organization we believe this is highly achievable. We will keep this figure updated to track our progress.

Methods we will use to achieve our goal:


  • Reduce Our Carbon Footprint: We will take proactive measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across all aspects of our operations.

  • Invest in Renewable Energy: We will transition to renewable energy sources wherever possible, and work towards 100% reliance on clean, sustainable energy to power our operations.

  • Efficient Resource Management: We will prioritize resource efficiency and responsible resource management to minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact.

  • Innovate for Sustainability: We will continuously invest in research and innovation to develop and adopt sustainable technologies and practices that help us achieve our net zero goals.

  • Engage Our Stakeholders: We will actively engage with our employees and clients to foster a culture of sustainability and collaborate on solutions to environmental challenges.

  • Transparency and Accountability: We will regularly report on our progress towards achieving net zero emissions and hold ourselves accountable for our commitments.


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